May, 24 2003

Here it is - DCGen 0.35 - the first real update of DCGen since I took over.

[2003-05-24] -- MetaFox

  -- Merge of official 0.35 sourcecode:
         [68000]   Re-added busy wait removal that got lost
         [68000]   Do pre-decrement with two reads (Steve Snake)
         [68000]   Make TAS not write (Steve Snake) fixes Gargoyles, Ex Mutant
         [68000]   Re-write ABCD,etc based on info from Bart Trzynadlowski
         [68000]   Implement missing BTST op-code (fixes NHL Hockey 94)
     Optimized a few things.

- DCGen 0.35
DCGen 0.35 Source

December, 25 2002

Merry Christmas! I'm releasing a Christmas gift for you all - a build of DCGen!

I'm not sure when the source from this build was made, as I found it on a backup CD from my old hard drive before it died earlier this year. So I can't exactly tell you all of what's new - or how it works as I just built it, and it hasn't been tested - but here it is anyway - DCGen 12/25/02. :P
UPDATE 12/29/02 - DCGen 12/25/02 Source.

OK, here's what I'm doing now:

  • I'm moving all the controller code and other relevant code to the newest KOS release:

  • Themeable menus didn't really work the way they were supposed to - so I'm going to go about doing it a different way. (So to those who hoped that the Christmas release had theme support - I'm sorry - not this time, but I'm working on it. :P)

  • All sorts of little things. :D

    July, 5 2002

    Another day, another DCGen source update ;)

    DCGen Source Update 07/05/02 - Had a look at the NesterDC source and changed the menu system to be themable. :D

    July, 4 2002

    Stupid CVS. I'm having problems with directory locks, so I can't update DCGen through the CVS tree. I'm going to be releasing source updates, and commenting what's different through this page until I can get it sorted out. They may seem like meaningless updates, but that is what the CVS is for. ;) I wouldn't update at all, except I am known to be very good at losing sources. :D

    Welcome to the new DCGen page, by the way. :P

    DCGen Source Update 07/04/02 - Updated the menu graphics to reflect the change in project leaders. The graphics are completely different, and not as snazzy as Atani's.